Forbes: Cartapping: How Feds Have Spied On Connected Cars For 15 Years

Forbes published an interesting review of the government’s use of in-car technology in criminal investigations. It’s a nice reminder that that disabled satellite radio or navigation service might not be as inactive as one thought.

Nice try

It’s hard not to laugh at some of the exploit attempts made against this VPS. Since it’s easy to tell that my site runs WordPress, those with nefarious intent probe for ways to access its configuration file. Fortunately, one of the security hardening options WordPress supports is moving wp-config.php above the web-accessible directory that holds the CMS itself. Alone this isn’t enough, but it’s nice knowing that unsavory individuals are consistently looking for things in the wrong places.

Command and Control on PBS’ American Experience

Eric Schlosser’s 2013 best-selling book Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety was turned into an episode of PBS’ American Experience program. Airing tomorrow night (January 10), the episode was filmed in a retired Titan II missile silo and incorporates original news footage from the incident.

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