Two Twitter accounts for when I need a laugh

I’m a huge fan of the growing “internet of things” movement, as I frequently write about on; that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at the absurd things some manufacturers concoct. Internet of Shit is hilarious for this:

The second account parodies Ice T’s character from Law & Order: SVU, Fin Tutuola, warning of “future drugs” and their crazy consequences for the nation’s youth:

Fortune: US Supreme Court may stop patent trolls from venue shopping

As reported last week by Fortune, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case challenging where patent lawsuits are filed. As has been widely reported, notably by NPR’s This American Life, the individuals behind malicious patent lawsuits have found favorable venues, such as the Eastern District of Texas, in which to file their suits, even though it’s rare for the suit or those involved to have any connection to the area.