VICE: Turns Out Wearing a Hi-Vis Vest Gets You into Everything for Free

VICE featured a story yesterday about two guys who bought a few of those reflective vests that construction and maintenance workers wear, and used them to get into random places they wouldn’t otherwise be allowed. I’m genuinely impressed with how effective the vests were.

The Guardian: Everyone thinks there are more Muslims in their countries than there actually are

The Guardian reviewed a new study that shows that those in Western countries have no idea what percentage of their populations are Muslim. In every country examined, the population’s estimates were many times higher than reality.

For example, respondents assumed that one in six individuals living in the US is Muslim, while in reality, it’s closer to one in 100.

NPR: Once The Stuff Of Jazz Legend, 1930s Recordings Are Finally Out

In 1938, Ella Fitzgerald sang her first big hit, “A-Tisket, A-Tasket,” for a national audience on CBS Radio. Now, a global audience has access to this performance again — thanks to the discovery and restoration of the Savory Collection, a legendary private trove of nearly 1,000 recordings that haven’t been heard by the general public since the 1930s. The National Jazz Museum in Harlem acquired them in 2010, and today they’re beginning to make their way to a new generation of jazz fans.

The collection is an incredible treat for jazz fans. It’s only available on iTunes, though.