It’s not 2016’s fault, but we should blame 2016 anyway

Lots of popular people died this year, and an election outcome was not as many expected. As a result, people are blaming the year. And strangely, others are defending 2016, as if it’s capable of feeling or couldn’t survive without their support.

Where’s the harm in blaming 2016? Who is hurt by this? If it helps people process a difficult period, what’s wrong with blaming a construct we’ll soon be free of?

A Very Unmerry Christmas is a fitting end to a shitty year

2016 can go to hell; I can’t think of a single positive thing that’s happened to me this year.

In the fifteen months since we married, my husband has spent a few days per month–a week at most–at home. He’s been around so little in 2016 that he never spent two consecutive weekends in Ventura.

As a fitting end to this wretched year, Chris will miss Christmas due to work obligations, just as he did last year. If I see my husband again before 2017, it will truly be a Christmas miracle.

RCMP: Impaired driver nabbed by excavator

A Canadian drunk driver confronted an excavator operator, and the operator won:

In conversing with the driver, the operator observed signs of intoxication and as a result ‘prevented’ the driver from fleeing with the ‘bucket’ on the excavator…

The photo that accompanies the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s press release is spectacular. 😂